About Defamation Litigation

The defamation law encompasses any hurtful statement that damages someone’s reputation. An individual that has suffered a defamatory situation (whether statement or publication) may sue the person that was responsible for the publication or utterance of statement that led to financial loss under the law of defamation.

As a foundation theory, the law assumes that all people are of good character unless it is proved otherwise.

Who Can Claim?

An individual who has been affected by the defamatory statement or publication and is able to prove the personal and professional loss, meets the requirements for civil action can file for claim.

An Excluded Corporation Is One That:

  • Is a non-profitable organization, generally the one which does not receive the financial profits from the services for which it was created.
  • Has 10 or lesser employees and is not associated with any other corporation

Some Of The Measures For Defamation

Generally, a court cannot order for apology in case of emotional damage. However, for financial and reputational loss that have been proved and been associated with defaming publication, then the court can order for compensation against the economic damage as money is the main remedy for any financial loss.

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