Defamation In The Media

If anybody has harmed your reputation by publishing fake information about you with an intention of damaging your prestige, you may be able to claim for compensation or apology. It is important to get expert advice in such case so that they can establish a better case for you in the court, put you in a better position or resolve the matter for you. Defamation Lawyer in Perth is best to get help from in such cases.

There are some basic elements that you need to prove in order to establish the case of defamation such as the material of practitioner should have been published to the third party. The Defamation Act 2005 (WA) does not define ‘publication’ under a general law; publication occurs when the defamatory material is sent to other than the plaintiff.


It is Libel defamation if any accusations are made in written like trough online medium or by any publication means and the defendant can prove that s/he is subject to defamation through this act. Under the Defamation Act 2005 S4, from printed or audio files, Internet pages, television content, drawings or photos can constitute defamatory materials.

It is imperative that before publishing anything in print, electronic media or elsewhere, the writers, journalists, broadcasters, and bloggers have some basic knowledge of laws of defamation, contempt, and copyright, to avoid legal risk.

Laws of defamation, contempt, and copyright applies equally to the media as they do in any other area of communication.

Get legal advice from Defamation Lawyer Perth WA if you are worried about the publication of false information against yourself by any individual. Our lawyers will provide you the comprehensive support including pre-publication reviews, reputation management and all kinds of defamatory dispute resolution and will make sure that all your interests and materials are safe with us.

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