What Is Criminal Defamation?

There is also a criminal defamation offence under the criminal law of Australia. It is criminal defamation when a person issues a defamatory information in public regarding another person to stigmatize his/her reputation despite knowing that the information is false and does this intentionally to harm the other person. In this situation the person with a reputation at stake can file the case for defamation.

The person who believes that his reputation is tarnished is called a ‘victim’. A ‘publisher’ is a person who publishes a notorious statement. One person commits a crime if he/she publish something wrongfully that dishonors the person, whether it is right or wrong.

Claiming For Defamation?

You can file a claim against defamation if you have suffered losses due to a tarnished reputation. In Western Australia the victim is given a years’ time to claim against the publisher under the law of borders. In some extenuating circumstances, the limitation period can be extended. One cannot bring a defamation claim against the deceased person.

Offer To Improve And Apologize

One of the main objectives of adopting uniform law was to provide non-disputed remedies for defamation. In Western Australia, if one harms someone’s reputation, an amendment is a quick way of resolving a defamation dispute.

If you publish something offensive, it is a good idea to always apologize, for forgiveness purposes; an apology cannot be considered as proof, but it can reduce the amount of compensation paid.

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