Commercial defamation/Corporate defamation

Commercial defamation is the publication of false or detrimental statements and information and makes these statements available to the third party to disrepute someone’s business or profession. The person responsible for doing so is held in charge of defamation and a legal action can be taken by the affected party against him/her.

What Are The Elements Of Commercial Defamation?

In order to successfully bring a claim for business defamation, the business/professional has to show:

  • There was a communication with the third party.
  • It was a lie.
  • It was regarding business or business reputation
  • And it is told as a truth to the third party
  • Intended to disrepute him/her

The commercial defamation or corporate defamation lawyers Perth are specialize in many areas of law.

What Is Considered To Defame?

Statements which are annoying, unsatisfactory or embarrassing, they generally do not qualify as defamatory. Information or false statement published that are completely hurtful and harmful to an individual’s reputation is considered to defame by the law courts. One should understand the difference between a false statement and disappointing information to act legally.

In the context of commercial defamation, the court focuses on those statements that will harm someone’s business or businesses and the defamation will have the ability to cause losses. Just the disagreeable information which does not harm the person or their business is not defamation.

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