Posted by Defamation Lawyers Perth on May 2, 2024

When an individual makes a derogatory announcement regarding another individual to soil their reputation, the motive is to publicly stigmatize or defame them. People do it despite knowing that the facts are misleading and false. If such a situation arises, a person can file a case against the miscreant. The criminal defamation law in WA considers this a horrible crime.

The defamation can be written or verbal. It can be against a person or an organization. The person facing such defamation is called the victim. Meanwhile, the person spreading such rumors is called the culprit.

Alternatively, it may be the case that a person has been wrongfully accused of tarnishing someone’s image. In such situations, an advocate can help people sail through. This blog will discuss how you can claim criminal defamation and how a lawyer can help you fight such cases.

How can a person claim defamation?

In WA, defamation consists of inaccurate and derogatory information about a person. It can also include representation that makes someone believe false information. A victim can file a case if their reputation is ruined due to false public information.

Here, in Western Australia, the victim is given a timeframe for a claim against the culprit. The time frame can be up to a year. Under special circumstances, the time frame can be extended. It must be noted that such claims cannot be made against a dead person.

Defamation lawyers can assist with the following cases:

  • Online and social media defamation
  • False accusations
  • Defamatory content
  • Damage to personal or professional reputation
  • False rumours

How Lawyers Can Help?

A brief elaboration has been made on the areas mentioned above where lawyers can assist you if the situation arises.

Online defamation

The top defamation lawyers in Perth may assist with online slandering by filing a dispute against the culprit and requesting the court to eliminate the tarnished matter from the web.

A lawyer can assist in cases like eliminating derogatory content from social media and other platforms across the web. Advocates can draft a letter that demands cessation of the derogatory contents from the web. Additionally, lawyers can identify perpetrators responsible for defamation. Importantly, they can also recover the monetary damages incurred, if any.

Invalid accusations

A litigator can help you address invalid claims by providing advice and representation. Such professionals help in assessing your options and increase the probability of success.

For example, Defamation Lawyers Services Perth can provide a litigator who will assist in building a stronger, more robust case.

Secondly, they can help you gather evidence, challenge the opponent’s credibility, and safeguard their clients. Thirdly, a lawyer can inform you of your fundamental rights and how to utilize them. A lawyer can help you comprehend the laws you or your accuser may break. Finally, a litigator discusses the case with the investigating and judicial bodies.

Image degrading content of the victim

Sharing of derogatory images or videos of a sexual nature is prohibited in Australia. Sharing, blackmailing, or threats to share are considered a crime. Private lawyers can help you with protection orders or police if you have faced any image-based abuse.

Open discussions with the lawyer about the incident and providing them with evidence can greatly help. Taking screenshots, video, or photo recordings from your system can be super beneficial while drafting a case.

Harm to personal or institutional reputation

Harm to personal or institutional reputation is a common thing these days. Along with the prevalence of online communication platforms, slandering of a person or an institution has become a usual sight. Lawyers can employ strategies like demanding the removal of defamatory content from websites or social media platforms. They can issue court orders and legal action against cyber defamation and bullying.

Unnecessary and invalid rumors

It can be suggested that lawyers collaborate with other public relations professionals while making communication strategies. Various schemes can include crafting statements for release to the press and managing public relations response to the circumstance.


So, now you know how the expert criminal defamation lawyers in Perth can assist you in navigating such cases. They acknowledge your frustration and anxiety while dealing with such matters. They act promptly to prevent further damage to one’s reputation. The top defamation lawyers in Perth can subsequently educate their clients on the legal rights they possess. That will help clients navigate such situations better.

Undoubtedly, lawyers play an important role in guiding people and organisations to resolve unnecessary false rumors. They help cope with tricky areas by deploying strategies and channeling communication.