Posted by Defamation Lawyers Perth on October 22, 2019

Social media platforms have revolutionized the world in ways we never though were possible. Almost anyone with an idea and an internet connection can become an online celebrity overnight. All it takes is one tweet, one Instagram post, one status update on Facebook and you are trending the algorithms until a new trend creeps up. Social media networks have given a voice to the marginalized, helped small-scale business enterprises gain popularity and enabled brands to expand on a global market.

The Dark Side Of Social Media

However, like all good things, even social media has a dark side. Hateful comments and internet trolls are lurking about in every corner, posting content that aims at defaming and degrading a particular community or group. Cloaked by the anonymity of a fake profile, these trolls can have a very adverse effect on one’s mental health and overall well-being.

Fortunately, social media defamation is not without consequences. You can report any hateful or vulgar comment or post you see online and get it investigated. There are cybercrime cells set up in every part of Australia, helping people identify and punish people who contribute to spreading hate on the virtual platform.

What Can You Do?

The first defamation case in Australia was reported and received a complete trial- a former university student was ordered to pay a fine of over $100,000 to a professor to compensate for the damages caused by his defamatory posts and tweets on social media. Australia’s defamation laws are very watertight and strict with it comes to investigating and incarcerating cyberbullies.

Immediate Steps To Tackle Online Attacks

Defamation on social media is very similar to public humiliation. It can taint your online reputation, cause a substantial loss of followers and even a loss of revenue. Getting over sudden and unprovoked attacks online can be very stressful. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when dealing with such cases.

  • Don’t panic when faced with a social media crisis, also resist the urge to retaliate with a negative comment

  • Ensure that you address the issue, respond in a professional way to take a strong stand

  • Try to have a conversation with the other party offline. Following-up and settling arguments publicly can further take a hit on your online presence

  • You can even deal with the problem the legal way if the post has serious financial losses for your business. File for a defamation case, and get the case investigated

  • Have a solid social media management strategy to deal with these cases in a swift, efficient and controlled way.

Need For Social Media Defamation Lawyers

Defamation is when a person or organization deliberately post incorrect, abusive or demeaning content online, targeting a particular brand, individual or group. This can leave a very deep impact on the victim party, often leading to financial losses, mental harassment, and other issues.

If you have ever been attacked online, refrain from retaliating. Don’t panic, instead, get it checked the legal way. You can file a social media defamation case against the account that has posted this content. Cybercrime cells will then examine the post, trace the IP address that the post has been made from and take appropriate action against the defamation as laid down in the defamation laws of the state.

Social media defamation lawyers represent your case in court, helping you find the evidence to strengthen your defamation claim. They are aware of the laws and regulations laid down for online conduct and will ensure that you get the monetary compensation from the other party.

When To Hire A Defamation Lawyer?

You have the right to sue an individual or organization that has posted a picture, tweet or video with the intention of hurting your brand value or attacking your character. Here are some of the reasons when you would need a defamation lawyer to defend your case;

  • Civil Defamation: these are some of the most common cases where an enterprise releases a statement or comment against you or your brand. If proved incorrect, the defamer party has to pay a compensation amount.

  • Insulting on Social Media: social media defamation is when an account posts some derogatory information about your brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other platforms

  • Slandering of Character: defamation of character is when an individual’s personality, bodily autonomy, work ethic or integrity is questioned and dishonored unjustly

Finding The Best Defamation Lawyers

A quick Google search or browsing through the Yellow Pages would give you the list of the top defamation lawyers in Australia. Ensure that you read through their services, fees structure, and other terms and conditions before hiring them. Defamation cases can be of many types and categories. Some are personal in nature, others attack a particular community or gender, while there are others that aim at commercial holdings. Irrespective of which type of cyber bullying you’ve been subjected to- each of them are a criminal offense and can be taken to court.

Defamation lawyers in Perth offer solid legal advice, help you gather the required evidence and file a strong case in court. With professional support to back up the defamation case, you will be in a better place to present your case and get the responsible party convicted. Lawyers and legal firms in Australia have the expertise and experience to handle cases of social media offences- both civil and criminal types.

Out Of Court Settlement

There are cases when both the parties can reach an agreement out of court and avoid the entire hassle of attending multiple court hearings. Also, taking the case to court, can lead to more of a public scandal and slander for your brand. Defamation lawyers, therefore usually, aim to settle the matter outside the court. An official apology and removing the post is the general way these matters are resolved between the parties. In some cases, the victim of online defamation can also claim a compensation amount or any other form of punishment.