Posted by Defamation Lawyers Perth on July 19, 2019

Social media is ruling the world and Australia is not an exception in this case. According to a latest report, the number of active social media users as well as mobile social media users is increasing day by day. In fact, social media users in Australia are some of the most active in the world.

While social media has its own pros and cons, many people are using it to damage the image of others, thus leading to defamation.
If you are facing any kind of defamation in social media, take action and stop suffering from it. You can contact top defamation lawyers and opt for defamation claim. There are specialized social media defamation lawyers who can assist you and save your image in the public.

What is defamation?

In general terms, defamation occurs when a person intentionally spreads information about another person, group of people, or small company that can have damaging affect on their social media reputation, or can make others think less of them.
Such communication can be via words, photographs, video, illustrations or other means. Even publication over the Internet falls under defamation if it affects the reputation of another person.

In fact, social media defamation is very common nowadays.

The law of defamation is a complex area. It involves common law principles. The statutory provisions of the (national) Uniform Defamation Act 2006 make the defamation law uniform throughout the country. Due to this uniformity, top defamation lawyers or social media defamation lawyers can easily undertake defamation cases in any State or Territory.

Defamation cases involving the internet and social media are relatively new, but the same principles apply.

Who are defamation lawyers?

Defamation lawyers are litigation lawyers, who can draft lawsuits, respond to discovery requests and even take a matter to court.
Defamation lawyers specialize in defamation law along with other areas of law. Top defamation lawyers mostly help with defamation cases that often require lengthy depositions and other discovery. They help in protecting the reputation of the clients.

When to hire social media defamation lawyers?

In the recent years, with the rise in social media usage amongst people, online report the risk of defamation content reaching wide audiences has increased. In fact, internet makes it easier to share false information about a person or business. Such kind of damage can be huge as the news on Internet spreads worldwide and within a very short time.

There are two main types of defamation: libel, or written defamation, and slander, or verbal defamation. As in a social media defamation case, a potentially defamatory statement is made online or through social media that involves the written word, it is considered libel.

Few of the locations on the Internet where someone can leave a potentially defamatory comment or post are:

  • letters to the editor of local newspapers
  • public comments on media (i.e., newspaper or magazine) web sites
  • blogs and comments to blog postings
  • social media and
  • chat rooms

Some of the statements that can be considered defamatory in nature are:

  • Addressing someone as corrupt, dishonest or unfaithful
  • Notifying someone as accused of doing an illegal act
  • Proclaiming that someone has an infectious disease, is suffering from dementia, even if there is no truth behind the statement

If you think you are a victim of defamation, contact the best defamation of character lawyers. For making a defamation claim, top defamation lawyers will help to prove certain points, such as:

  • The defamatory materials published are not substantiated by facts and they are false.
  • That you or your business was clearly identified in it
  • The defamatory materials published online have caused or still causing harm to your reputation.

With defamation claim, you can challenge your reputation and get keen justice. For defamation claim, top defamation lawyers can provide you with the right information regarding defamation laws and how you can go for defamation claim.

If a defamatory claim is made, the person responsible for starting or spreading something defamatory in any online platform can be taken to court. One can seek compensation for financial and other losses resulting from a defamatory publication of any kind.

If you think your or your business is defamed on a social media platform, try prosecuting defamation against the offending party. Filing for defamation claim is not tough. There are social media defamation lawyers who can assist and guide you in the whole process.

If you think that you have been defamed online, contact Defamation Lawyers Perth today. Here the qualified social media defamation lawyers will hear your case and suggest you appropriate legal options and the best course of action.