Posted by Defamation Lawyers Perth on November 17, 2023

Suing someone for defamation stands out as a costly and lengthy procedure. For such cases, it’s crucial to engage defamation lawyers Perth as early as possible to resolve the matter successfully right before the proceedings commence.

That way, it will save an individual’s funds, effort, and time and even protect his/her well-being and reputation. The defamation lawyers will assist by mitigating and addressing all the risks related to the publication.

They will make sure that one gets to convey all the information without the risk of defamation claims brought against them.

Besides that, the lawyers will also offer suggestions and advice to ensure that one gets to appropriately and instantly respond to the publication that damages his/her reputation.

What is Defamation of Character?

The defamation of character occurs when someone publishes material that makes an ordinary listener, viewer or ready to lower their opinion about the individual in question.

There is no need for the defamatory materials to be actionable under mainstream media publications. All the high-profile claims related to defamation of character involve all those things published in the newspaper and said on television and radio.

Defamatory materials, which can destroy a person’s reputation, also get published in online reviews, cartoons, emails, social media posts, articles and blogs. To understand this simply and properly, here is a small illustration:

“The defamation of character will take place when an individual accuses impropriety against another person by implying that he/she is a liar, thief or should be avoided or shunned. These kinds of accusations can lead to the damage of an individual’s character.”

Important Things to Know about Defamation in Australia

In Australia, the defamation law protects people from damaging and fake statements. The law also offers mechanisms for award and remedy for the reputational and monetary losses due to the defamation of character.

In the past several years, there has been an increase in defamation claims, and it’s probably because of countless reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the accessibility, permanency and speed of all the online content.

Due to the advent of online media, blogs and social media platforms, the claims for defamation taking place on the internet have increased greatly. However, defamation cases don’t go to court because there are multiple ways to remove such content from the online platform.

Through Defamation Lawyers Services Perth, all defamation-related lawsuits can be managed cost-effectively and efficiently without much hassle. That way, one can get the justice they deserve.

Things to Know about Reputational Risks

Defamation claims can only take place when there is an adverse publication or statement present on the online platform. However, the reputational risk will occur when there is a huge gap between the actual behaviour and the public perception.

It’s wrong to think that people act contrary to the law, but instead of that, they act in such a way that doesn’t match the expectations of the general public. Here is a small example to understanding this properly:

“An individual or a company will act in a way which is lawful but pretty controversial, such as opting for a process that damages the environment or the climate. Otherwise, when the CEO of a company or an individual had beliefs that were misaligned to the general public.”

The best defamation of character lawyers in Australia are experts in handling cases related to reputational risks. The lawyers will advise all their clients about the various risk factors and will handle all the procedures where there is a high chance of reputational risk.

They will initiate the legal process and develop all the plans for crisis management. Otherwise, they can provide some advice on the ramifications of public statements and business dealings.

How to Establish a Claim for the Defamation of Character?

When someone wishes to apply for a defamation of character claim in Perth, it is useful to know the essential laws that one must follow whether defamation of character occurs in the workplace or in a personal place. These are:

  • Step 1: The Material Should be Slanderous 

To apply for a defamation claim, it’s vital to ensure that the material published is lawfully defamatory. The material should have one offensive imputation. Here, the imputation can come either from the phrase or worse. Besides that, it also should be:

  1. Affect a person’s reputation negatively
  2. Lower a person’s value in front of individuals
  3. Should people avoid that person or their business
  • Step 2: Material Should Be Communicated to the 3rd Party

To make sure that content is slanderous, the material should be communicated to the 3rd party. Apart from that, the 3rd party should read, hear or see the defamatory material through art, in person or the online platform.

  • Step 3: The Defamed Individual Should Be Identifiable 

An individual doesn’t have to be named explicitly within the defamatory material so that it can be identified easily.

The court in Australia will decide whether or not an individual can be identified if the general public can discover through the published material that has been defamed.

  • Step 4: The Harm Should be Severe 

In many Australian states, one has to properly showcase that the defamatory material/statement has caused severe harm to their reputation. Whether or not the harm was severe is something that the Australian court will decide.

An Example of Making a Defamation Claim

By now, one already knows what exactly a defamation of character is. But to have a good understanding of how he/she can apply for a claim when they have been defamed, here is a small example:

“Suppose a person runs an online jewellery store. An individual who pretends to be a consumer falsely claims that the jewellery was not delivered on time and gives a one-star review.

This can lead to a reduction in the business. For that, he/she can apply for a defamation of character claim lawsuit because:

  • The review was done on an online platform where hundreds of people can see it. The review identifies the person’s business.
  • The review has damaged his/her reputation significantly.
  • The business has suffered serious harm due to such reasons.

How Can a Lawyer Help Remove the Slanderous Material?

Getting rid of online offensive content such as false statements, social media posts, images, and personal blogs needs the help of a lawyer. The ranking of such posts depends heavily on a person’s digital footprint.

Here, the digital footprint means how much digital publication is there about a person. Fewer publications mean these things will rank much higher on search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing.

Apart from the rank, the material will still appear when people search for the name or business of the person who got defamed. The defamation lawyer will work with him/her on such matters and help remove all the unwanted materials on their behalf.

They will do so by sending letters of demand or concern notices to the actual author. Otherwise, they will notify the content host or the secondary publisher, such as Instagram, Facebook or X [formerly Twitter], to remove the post completely.

Summing Up

When a person makes a defamatory comment or statement about another individual, it will destroy their reputation and harm their business and their character.

If one believes that he/she has been defamed by someone, they should apply for a defamation claim and sue the person who made false accusations against them.

To do so, they should discuss the matter with the defamation lawyers in WA, as they’re experts in handling such matters.