Defamation Lawyer Perth is a service of Tang Law, We provide the services of Defamation lawyers in Perth to the individuals who are subject to defamatory. We understand the negative impact of defamation and its consequences to your professional and personal reputation, hence ensure that anyone who has been negatively affected whether personally or professionally gets a fair access to the power of law through our Defamation lawyers.

Our dedicated team of Defamation Lawyers in Perth works closely with our clients and their professional advisers such as financial planners, accountants and bankers to reach the best possible outcomes that our clients need. They are highly qualified, experienced and know how to apply laws correctly to support you.

If a person is subject to infamous or abusive remarks which are harmful or have disrepute or ridicule them, then there may be a case for defamation. Libel is considered as a written or published defamatory statement, whereas defamation is Slander when it is done by a verbal statement.

How Our Best Defamation Lawyers In Perth Can Help You Your Law Claim?

Our defamation lawyers will take all your legal stress off you and will support you to the greatest possible extent. We know that each client has different situation and need clear, efficient and cost-effective legal advice. Hence, they assess your situation to determine the best available options subject to your case. Then if they find a valid claim they help you with the issuance of the legal letter against the party responsible for making Slanderous or Libelous defamation to you. Then the publication party is sent a proposal of amendment within 28 days to resolve the matter. If they perform the requested modifications, then our defamation lawyers commence with the legal action on your behalf.

What Are The Requirements To Claim Defamation?

To establish a claim for defamation, you should be able to prove:

  • The Publications or verbal actions against your reputation
  • Identity of the defendant
  • Defamation Substance or it is harmful to you personally or professionally

There can be many grey areas pertaining to defamation law, so it is highly advisable to get the help of experienced defamation lawyers to support you case effieciently.

If you need assistance with your defamation case, contact our Defamation lawyers in Perth to get the full range of legal services.