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When someone’s reputation is at stake due to infamous, false, abusive or disgraceful information and its publication which causes ignorance and dislike than they are subject to Defamation. The baseless accusation of the crime is also considered to be the personal and professional defamatory. This can be in the form of newspaper article, information on website or in an email of online communication or been said in public through gestures or pictures, with claims of slander or libel.
In such circumstances where you have suffered the damage due to this act and you are sure that someone has knowingly made a false statement, you can take a legal action against them for damaging your reputation. It is very important that you provide accurate words, gestures or pictures that were used to defame you while taking legal action.

Generally, defamation affects you and your business adversely, hence you should get legal advice from a defamation lawyer in Perth to charge against abusive comment or publication.

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What Evidence Do I Need For Defamation Claims?

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  • Especially important that you are capable of providing accurate words or gestures or pictures mentioned.
    If verbal words were spoken, try to keep the exact word/words as well as the surrounding conditions in mind (who said it, who has heard it, where it was made, when it was made).

    If defamatory material appears in writing, try to get a copy of it so that we can understand the context in which it was published.

Why Choose Defamation Lawyers In Perth?

We are home to a qualified and dedicated team of experienced defamation lawyers in Perth. Our defamation lawyers are committed to provide the best of legal advice to each and every case of reputational risk and offer guidance pertaining to your success possibilities. We have a proud history in securing our clients from reputational harm and protecting a claim.

At Defamation Lawyers Perth, we have handled many cases and through the extensive experience we can help in making your case strong and provide you the best available options. The action of defamation can be costly and most claims can be resolved without going through the court’s procedure.If you feel that you are subjected to defamation, contact our Defamation Lawyers in Perth, WA, we can help you find the best possible results for your case.

When to hire a Defamation Lawyer

Defamation lawyers are legal professionals who will help you in any case of defamation whether it is libel or slander. If someone has written or uttered anything bad that can harm your reputation, you have the right to sue for damages. There are certain elements to be brought to the matter of the court to support your claim for compensation in a defamation case. The various types of defamation are:

Civil Defamation: Most defamation cases are civil cases. In a civil defamation case, you should be able to prove without a doubt that a wrongful statement was made or written against you. When you have accurately established the identity of the person who has wronged you, you can make a defamation claim. Call on our team of civil defamation lawyer and we will be happy to help.

Defamation of Character: In a defamation of character lawsuit, the primary need is to establish that libel or slander caused harm to your reputation professionally or personally. A defamation of character lawyer will guide you through the legal procedure. But please ensure that you file a case within a year from which defamatory comments were made against you.

Social Media Defamation: With the advent of the internet and social media defamation on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn is a common thing nowadays. Even individuals who share a defamatory post are liable to be prosecuted for such offences.

Our team of professional Defamation lawyers provides excellent legal services all around Perth and its suburbs.

Our highly educated team of Defamation Lawyers in Perth understands their way around local courts and can negotiate with companies on your behalf to achieve the best possible solution in any Defamation law case. Please get in touch with us for more details about how we can help you.

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